Our Story

SunSpice UK – Our Unique Caribbean Heritage

SunSpice UK was formed after Kebera Baptiste visited her relatives living in Grenada and were introduced to organic spice growers and natural food suppliers, reconnecting Kebera to the delicious tastes of her childhood. This led to the concept of SunSpice UK, a company dedicated to forming strong partnerships with organic spice growers and natural health food suppliers in the Caribbean to provide  organic cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, turmeric, cocoa  and bay leaves of exceptional quality to our customers in the UK.

SunSpice UK offer considerable value to our customers and help meet the nutritional needs of a healthier lifestyle at highly competitive prices.

We ensure that our products comply with the United Kingdom organic Regulation and offer the highest level of product safety.

SunSpice UK Vision :

To bring back the joy of eating healthy and highly nutritious meals by offering you quality organic spices, herbs, and super food products grown by farmers in the Caribbean
To exceed customer expectation through quality, delivery and customer service relying heavily on our professionalism and integrity
To offer a product range that is continually expanding to meet the needs of our customers
To follow a policy of continuous improvement in all aspects of our company

Fair Prices for Our Caribbean Producers

SunSpice UK strongly believes in fair trade and will strive to ensure that our spice growers receive a fair price for their spices, so they can improve the quality of life for their families and encourage young people to consider a career in farming. Currently, most farmers in the Caribbean are in their 50s and young people do not see a sustainable career in farming, as farmers struggle to receive a fair price for the food they produce. If this continues, an entire generation of farmers will be lost, stifling the Caribbean economy.

We aim to work closely with our suppliers to achieve a stable, long-term partnership with mutual benefits and growth.