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Naturally Grown Nutmeg – Grenada

Possibly the world’s best nutmeg.  Our naturally grown nutmeg is hand selected for our customers.  It is as special as the place it comes from Grenada as known the “Island of Spice”.

Grenada is reputed for its high quality naturally grown nutmeg. Nutmeg is even featured on the flag of this small nation.

Selected from the highest altitude plantations on this volcanic island where nutmeg trees are said to be able to “smell the sea.” The nuts are dried in their shell and remain well protected until they are to be used. Crack the shell of the nut to remove the “meg,” as it is referred to in the Spice Islands. For optimum freshness and aroma, wait until the last moment to grate this nutmeg for seasoning sweet or savory dishes.

Nutmeg can be added to cheese dishes, potato au gratin, Sheppard’s pie and rum punch. Try nutmeg in root vegetable purees such as parsnips, carrots or roasted squash.